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Sudika Sabre was a ROM/Diku based MUD which ran from roughly 1998 to 2005. I had been trying to get the code I had leftover running on a modern system on and off for a few years (with minimal effort, mostly as a "wouldn't it be neat"). I was finally able to accomplish that, so decided to throw it up on a webserver since I had also snagged the domain after it lapsed.

This is slightly modified from where things were in the heyday, but it should be fairly close. I've accumulated a few versions throughout the years, so my goal is eventually to run some diffs against the various versions, and roll back any changes which were not part of original Sudika. Eventually I'll make the Git repo public as I have had a few people whom I've since lost contact with ask me for the code througout the years. Of course, MUDs have lost their place for the most part on the modern Internet, so this is (unfortunately) primiarly for nostalgic/archival purposes.

Feel free to check things out via or drop me a message via Twitter @ModbusDriver.